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Feature Spotlight: Bizarro

This week, we're reading Bizarro, by Dan Piraro.

Bizarro is...well, literally, what it says on the tin. This weird and wonderful collection of gags from one of the world's cleverest and zaniest minds can in equal turn delight and weird out even the most seasoned of comic readers. Keep Reading

Feature Spotlight: Mary Worth

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Mary Worth, by Karen Moy and June Brigman.

Mary Worth is a series of stories about the various characters who pass through the life of one woman, the title character, a retired lady who lives in the Charterstone Condominium Complex of Santa Royale. She has a propensity-- and some might say, a talent-- for attracting folks with all kinds of problems, and she's never without some pearls of wisdom for the people she meets along her way. Keep Reading

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