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Ask the Archivist: The Duckwater Tour

Hi Readers, This year marks the 35th anniversary since an old, over-and-done-with comic strip character returned to the comics pages—and he hasn’t left yet. The character to whom I refer is Sam, once of the short-lived, but fondly recalled Mort Walker/Jerry Dumas series, “SAM’S STRIP,” which ran from 1961-63. Sam got his second chance, when he was joined by cohort, Silo, in SAM [...] Keep Reading

This Week in Comics: What To Read

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This week, two new comic storylines launch today that are worthy of mentions: SHERMAN’S LAGOON, which features a three-day cameo by Sylvia Earle, National Geographic’s Explorer-In-Residence and renowned oceanographer; and BLEEKER: THE RECHARGEABLE DOG, which kicks off an engineering education series with The National Academy of Engineering ( Last week, cartoonist Jim Toomey introduced a two-week [...] Keep Reading

Ask The Archivist: True North

In keeping with the flavor of this week’s DailyINK theme,  I discuss probably the greatest Canadian-themed strip ever, KING OF THE ROYAL MOUNTED, the exciting snow-bound saga of Sergeant Dave King, stalwart member of one of the world’s most famous and elite organizations, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The series was created by Stephen Slesinger, [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: September 7, 2012

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Today’s been an eventful week for everyone. THE PAJAMA DIARIES has a new website, which you can see here at You can read THE PAJAMA DIARIES every day, and check out Terri Libenson’s blog. There are also some great samples of Terri’s favorite strips for you to enjoy. I hope you all had a [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: A BEETLE By Any Other Name

It’s anniversary time for Mort Walker (born September 3, 1923) and his creation, BEETLE BAILEY (started September 4, 1950). So I’m going to show off a few examples of Beetle as an international comic book star. Ever since the 1950’s, BEETLE BAILEY has been embraced by many nations outside the United States, because like most good strips, the series [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: A Century of George McManus

Hello Readers, This blog marks the end of our first year, and by chance, a special treat for all you Edwardians. This week marks the centennial of one of King Features’ greatest talents, George McManus, joining the company. Mr. McManus would go on to create the top-selling strip in the world for many years, BRINGING UP FATHER, in 1913. [...] Keep Reading

Happy Fifth Birthday, ARCTIC CIRCLE!

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ARCTIC CIRCLE is five years old today! In celebration, we’ve launched a brand new site at where you can read ARCTIC CIRCLE and Alex Hallatt’s blog every day. Go check it out now! Congratulations, Alex, on five great years! For more information, you can read our full press release on Keep Reading

Week in Review: August 24, 2012

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Hi, all!  How’s your week been? CURTIS’ week has been pretty eventful—the Wilkins’ family inadvertently entered the political sphere this week with a visit from President Obama  AND Mitt Romney!  There are fireworks flying, but Curtis seems more disappointed that the President’s daughters aren’t on the scene. If you’re looking for a good place to [...] Keep Reading

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