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Ask the Archivist: FIRST AND LAST

Greetings DailyINK Comics Fans! In keeping with our centennial observation of the milestone strip, BRINGING UP FATHER, today’s post is an anniversary within an anniversary.  The first day of BRINGING UP FATHER was covered back in January here. This is the anniversary of the first Sunday page which was 95 years ago. Jiggs and Maggie had become [...] Keep Reading

Happy National Look-alike Day!

Category: Comics

Hi Comics Fans, Today is National Look-alike Day! In celebration of the occasion, we’ve put together some of our picks for celebrity look-alikes for some of our beloved comics characters! 1. Kellan Lutz = Flash Gordon: 2. Krysten Ritter = Tina from Tina’s Groove: 3. Zach Galifianakis = Hägar the Horrible: 4. Bradley Cooper = [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: April 19, 2013

Categories: Comics, Announcements

We here at DailyINK are used to talking about funny stuff, so before we do that, we just wanted to start out by giving our best wishes to anybody who’s been personally affected by the tragedies in Boston and West, TX. Our thoughts are with you and your loved ones, and have been this week. [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: A Serving of “MUSH”

Categories: Comics, Vintage

Welcome back DailyINK comics readers to another edition of “Ask the Archivist!” Here we are again with another old time King Features Syndicate favorite. JUST KIDS was by Ad (August) Carter. The strip began as a panel in 1915 for the McClure Newspaper Syndicate. The panel lasted only about three years before he moved to the Philadelphia Inquirer [...] Keep Reading

Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions

Categories: Comics, Announcements

For many of us, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. If you are looking for gift ideas that will make Mom smile and keep her entertained long after the flowers fade, look no further than DailyINK. A high-quality print of one of her favorite comics and a gift subscription to DailyINK make a perfect gift because [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: April 12, 2013

Categories: Comics, Announcements

How’s everyone’s week been? It’s been a pretty exciting one for Karl and the rest of the cast of BLEEKER THE RECHARGEABLE DOG, who participated in National Robotics Week this week: But Earl of MUTTS has spent the week concerned about the plight of his cousins, the wolves, who have been taken off the endangered [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: PONYTAIL

Category: Comics

Hello Comics Fans! This week’s post was written in response to Matt Ferron’s request, so I am placing the spotlight on PONYTAIL by Lee Holley. Holley was at one time an animator for Warner Brothers and  got into comic books and strips in the 1950’s. If you’re at all familiar with his work, you’ll see a [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review, April 5, 2013

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Happy April! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Easter Sunday in the funny pages saw a lot of egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, and even a bunny made of…snow? BLONDIE by Dean Young and John Marshall BUCKLES by David Gilbert CRANKSHAFT by Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers DEFLOCKED by Jeff Corriveau DENNIS THE MENACE by [...] Keep Reading

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