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A Month of Mandrake Celebrations Starts Today!

As many in our DailyINK community know, Fred Fredericks, the longtime artist and writer of the MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN daily-only comic strip, has announced his retirement. The comic strip went into reprints earlier this month, serving up some great Mandrake stories from the archives. We know that many members of the DailyINK community want a [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: THE LOCKHORNS Anniversary

Greetings DailyINK Fans! This week, I post once again about the prolific Bill Hoest as today’s subject. Previously, we looked at his AGATHA CRUMM and WHAT A GUY! series, but THE LOCKHORNS was his magnum opus. It started 45 years ago this week on September 9, 1968. There have been unhappy spouses in comic strips before, from the ever-bickering Greens in MR. & MRS. to the [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: The Editor’s Coloring Book

Hello DailyINK Fans, Yesterday was the birthday of one of the cartooning greats in King Features’ history — the one and only Mort Walker. He turned 90 years old and his definitive creation, BEETLE BAILEY, is 63 years old today. To honor these two momentous occasions, I have chosen an unusual item to showcase today: a promotional book from 1963 [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: GRANDMA

Greetings DailyINK Fans! It is time for another edition of “Ask the Archivist.” This week’s entry is in response to fan Ray Warner, who asked to see a little more on this title. That being GRANDMA. Kuhn was at one time the editorial cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News, The Indianapolis News and The Chicago Tribune before [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: “The Private Life of Popeye”

Category: Comics

Hello DailyINK Friends! Today we have made it to blog entry No. 100! To celebrate, I offer an exciting, hard-hitting, in-depth interview with our greatest star: POPEYE. In early 1931, POPEYE was the runaway hit of the syndication world, building into a circulation powerhouse for King Features and the client newspapers that put Popeye to work on their [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: “Krazy Kat After Herriman”

Category: Comics

Happy Hump Day DailyINK Readers! It was said when George Herriman died in 1944, that the strip would be discontinued  because nobody could replicate such a unique, personal creation, but that wasn’t necessarily true, and Herriman alone hadn’t guided Krazy exclusively, either, as he had little to do with all the KRAZY KAT animated cartoons made [...] Keep Reading

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