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Ask the Archivist: And The Winner of Vintage Madness Is…

Dear Faithful Readers, It’s all over. The day of days is here. No more balloting. No more overworked basketball metaphors. The funny Flagstons of HI AND LOIS scraped out a victory over JUDGE PARKER in a really close finish! Dik Browne’s HI AND LOIS of the 1950’s now joins DailyINK’s Vintage lineup, thanks to all of you voters who appreciate real [...] Keep Reading

Editor’s Dispatch: BLEEKER & National Robotics Week

This week’s BLEEKER is really fun. Jonathan Mahood takes his characters to a National Robotics Week event – the usual mayhem ensues. What’s that you ask? Why take the BLEEKER cast to a National Robotics Week event? Glad you asked. It so happens that Jonathan’s robot dog, Bleeker is the official spokes character of National [...] Keep Reading

Vintage Madness: Election Upset

Well, the poll results are in and we have a real surprise victory. Ron Paul beat Mitt Romney! Well, that’s an April Fool’s joke. But what’s not a joke is that in our VINTAGE MADNESS election, THIMBLE THEATER lost to JUDGE PARKER! The one-eyed sailor just didn’t have the spinach to beat the bold jurist. The votes [...] Keep Reading

DailyINK Goes 3D!

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We’re taking the funny pages to a whole new level DailyINK fans. Starting May 1st, all our comics are going 3D. You can look forward to Hagar’s horns, Dagwood’s monster sandwiches, and Jeremy’s ever-growing stack of dirty laundry to jump (or fall) off the screen and into your home. Just like a trip to the [...] Keep Reading


Category: Comics

On Monday, Brendan talked about FUNKY WINKERBEAN’S 40th anniversary. On Tuesday, in celebration of this momentous occasion, Black Squirrel Books (of the Kent State University Press) released a fabulous collection of the first three years of FUNKY WINKERBEAN, “The Complete Funky Winkerbean; Volume One, 1972-1974.” I’m so excited to have my copy! In addition to [...] Keep Reading

Vintage Madness: Countdown To The Finals

Hello All, We are hurtling forward at the speed of a Lin-sonic bank shot toward the finals of our March Madness of vintage comics. The winner of last week’s battle between DENNIS THE MENACE and HI & LOIS is…drumroll please…HI & LOIS with 60 percent of the votes! This week’s contenders are THIMBLE THEATRE and JUDGE PARKER, two of our [...] Keep Reading

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