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Ask the Archivist: STUMBLE INN

George Herriman is famous today for KRAZY KAT, but he produced several other series over the course of his career that are far less well known, including the subject of today’s entry, STUMBLE INN. The setting is a small town hotel run by Uriah Stumble, and his family and cronies, including his wife, Ida; Mr. Owl-Eye, the [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: Thanksgiving With Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead

Today, we show a scene from the first year of the Bumsteads’ married life in “BLONDIE,” specifically their honeymoon Thanksgiving in 1933. Reader Email To Tom Ferreira: “RIBBONS AND HAYWIRE” was perhaps too simple, the gags were mainly of the precocious statements/ambitions genre that are usually the staple of kids in strips. I don’t know [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: Going Haywire

Thirty years ago, a little strip by Steve Carpenter and Ed Wallerstien appeared in the King Features’ talent stable about an adorable Yuppy puppy named “RIBBONS.” Ribbons was a real Material Girl/Valley Girl/Cyndi Lauper type. Self-centered and obsessed with the good life, canine style. She was an avid fan of ”Dynasty,” had bejeweled flea collars, and [...] Keep Reading

Week In Review, November 9, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Well, the election’s over, and whether your preferred candidates lost or won (or both!), I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief as election coverage, campaign ads, and fundraising emails die down for the time being. Dagwood Bumstead was a late addition to the election this week, as he ran for President! Definitely [...] Keep Reading

Ask The Archivist: What A Guy!

Today’s blog marks another anniversary—this time about another Bill Hoest strip—for the short-lived “WHAT A GUY!,” which ran from 1987 to 1996. With the success of of THE LOCKHORNS and AGATHA CRUMM, (see my blog of August 22, 2012), King Features launched a third Hoest series about the unlikely subject of a first grade boy who aspires to [...] Keep Reading

“Ask the Archivist: Election Special”

Category: Comics

Now that we’re in the final days leading up to Election Day in the United States, I pause to reflect on another contest—one that happened many years ago,  in 1936 to be exact. If you think I’m referring to that of Roosevelt versus Landon, you’d be wrong. I mean the one where Maggie ran for [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: November 2, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Being a lifelong New Yorker, it’s been a rough week. Everyone here at DailyINK is fine, although some of us have had damage to our homes, or are without power or heat. It’s tough to get around, and the King Features office is nearly empty. But it’s also amazing to watch the way our friends [...] Keep Reading

Conflicted about the Presidential Election? Vote for Dagwood Bumstead!

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Just when you thought this 2012 presidential campaign year couldn’t get any more cantankerous, along comes a brand-new candidate to lighten the election mood. Readers will be delighted to learn that Dagwood Bumstead is throwing his hat into the ring during a special series slated to appear in newspapers worldwide from Nov. 1-7. “Because everybody [...] Keep Reading

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