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News Around the Kingdom: THE REUBENS!!!


This weekend is the big event that our artists wait all year for...The National Cartoonist Society's annual Reuben Awards! As the artists descend on the City of Brotherly Love, we want to give a shout-out to those in our King Features family who are being honored with nominations this weekend:

  • Cartoonist of the Year: Hilary Price
  • Editorial Cartoons: Mike Peters
  • Newspaper Strips: Terri Libenson's PAJAMA DIARIES and
                                     Mike Peters' MOTHER GOOSE AND GRIMM

We wish you all good luck!


Then, on Sunday, these and many other artists from the worlds of webcomics, comic books  animation and more will be celebrating Cartoonapalooza from 1-4 p.m. at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Come meet your favorites in person, watch them draw live, and maybe take home a doodle of your very own! You can find out more information here. 



• Down in Orlando, it's MegaCon weekend! Stop by for a chat with the great Alex Saviuk, the pen behind AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and tell 'im we sent ya.

• SLYLOCK FOX AND COMICS FOR KIDS has a new home on Instagram! Hop over to @slylockfoxcomic anytime for tons of puzzle and cartoon fun.

• Are you a phone addict? Stephanie Piro of SIX CHIX knows the feeling.

• Check out Wayno's blog this week for some behind-the-scenes sketches of the thought process that goes into creating the perfect BIZARRO gag. (Plus: I really want a copy of "Baby Godzilla.")

• On her blog, Alex Hallatt of ARCTIC CIRCLE talks about her experiences teaching kids about cartooning, and how support and encouragement is essential to fostering creativity in children and teens.

Till next time, Royal Readers!

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