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Break out the birthday cake — REX MORGAN M.D. hit the big 7-0 this week! Looking’ good, Rex! Join current writer and artist Terry Beatty for a look back over seventy years of medical mysteries and hospital hijinks and a look forward as the strip continues to evolve and modernize in today's ever-changing world. (Road rage, however, will always be a thing.)




The 2018 Toronto Comics Arts Festival is this weekend — come join the fun and and visit with John Hambrock of EDISON LEE and Hilary Price and Rina Piccolo of RHYMES WITH ORANGE! Hilary will be a panelist for the National Cartoonist Society at 2:45 Saturday, and she and Rina will be giving their own presentation at 10:30 Sunday all about RWO, live-doodling all the while. Come by and say hi!




PAJAMA DIARIES’ Terri Libenson just wrapped up a whirlwind tour in support of her brand-new graphic novel, “Positively Izzy,” visiting a schools and bookstores galore and making friends with humans, dogs and chickens alike. Grab your copy of "Izzy" now, fuzzy fowl not included.  




Feeling animated? SHERMAN’S LAGOON has been flipping it out of the park with bubbly peeks behind the scenes of each day’s comic, and in the newest installment of her monthly vlog, Dethany of ON THE FASTRACK answers questions and dispels myths about Goth life. (You know you're curious.)


Mother’s Day is almost here. Are you ready? … Are you SURE?


Enjoy your weekend, comics readers! While you can.


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