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News Around the Kingdom: THANKS&GIVING 2017: THE BIG NEWS

Hello, Royal Readers,

We hope you all had a glorious Thanksgiving holiday with much thanks given for all the blessings in your lives.

Last week, we told you about another reason for giving thanks: the Thanks&Giving campaign, the collective effort of the larger cartooning community to support the National Cartoonists Society and National Cartoonists Society Foundation initiative to raise funds for disaster relief.

Via Heritage Auctions, 34 King Features cartoonists joined with more than 125 other cartoonists from all walks of the industry in offering originals and signed prints for the NCS auction to benefit Direct Relief, a top-rated charity specializing in providing humanitarian aid following disasters such as the recent hurricanes.

On Nov. 27, Michael Cavna at The Washington Post did a follow-up to his first article about the venture, which was also picked up by other news outlets.

Here is Patrick McDonnell's Thanks&Giving strip.

Mutts for Thanks&Giving
Mutts for Thanks&Giving

As cited in the Washington Post article, this was a true boon to the auction and a big draw for bidders since Patrick never parts with his originals. Kudos to the lucky bidder who won it!

The King checked in today with the National Cartoonists Society and Heritage Auctions and is delighted to report that the Thanks&Giving auction raised nearly $45,000 which will be sent to Direct Relief for the victims of the recent hurricanes! Thanks to everyone in the cartooning community who contributed, and thanks to those who donated to the cause via their winning bids.

Click here for a link to the auction lots, listed by price.

Check it out!

Thanks for catching up on this week's News Around the Kingdom.

Have a great week, and see you again next Friday!

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