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This week, we were thrilled to announce that DUSTIN cartoonists Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker have won for the second time the "Best Newspaper Comic Strip" Award at the National Cartoonists Society's 71st Annual Reuben Awards in Portland, Ore. over Memorial Weekend. Congratulations to them both! To learn more about the awards AND the very successful NCS Book Signing Bonanza we told you about last week, check out our blog post on and the links there to the NCS stories and The Oregonian's coverage. Then, for a special treat, click here to visit the DUSTIN website for a very cool, charming and personal Reubens Roundup from Jeff Parker, complete with photos of himself wearing the wonderful DUSTIN comic strip vest and matching bowtie his mother made for him to wear with his tuxedo!

Steve Kelley & Jeff Parker: NCS Best Newspaper Comic Strip Award for DUSTIN
Steve Kelley & Jeff Parker win NCS Best Newspaper Comic Strip Award for DUS

SNUFFY SMITH cartoonist John Rose tells us about TWO upcoming Hootin' Holler Happenin's in June! A Snuffy Chalk Talk at the Glasgow Public Library in Glasgow, Va., on June 12 and a guest appearance at HeroesCon at the Charlotte (N.C.) Convention Center, June 16-18. Check out his blog post for details!

SNUFFY SMITH heads to HeroesCon 2017!
SNUFFY SMITH heads to HeroesCon 2017!

In other news,

INTELLIGENT LIFE cartoonist David Reddick lets us peek into his Sketchbook for a first look at an upcoming strip.

A David Reddick sketch for INTELLIGENT LIFE
A David Reddick sketch for INTELLIGENT LIFE

SALLY FORTH artist Jim Keefe shows off his illustration skills in this Sunday drop panel.

Sally Forth Drop Panel
Sally Forth Drop Panel, May 28, 2017

And finally, in his BIZARRO blog, Dan Piraro gives us a recap of his visit to the U.S. for the 71st Annual Reuben Awards and the fun time he had with some of his fellow cartoonists. And, of course, Dan gives us the inside scoop on a number of his hilarious cartoons. Check out the blog!


Thanks for catching up on this week's News Around the Kingdom.

Have a great week and see you again next Friday!

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