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Feature Spotlight: Take it From the Tinkersons

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Today, we're reading "Take it From the Tinkersons," by Bill Bettwy.  The Tinkersons are a hapless-yet-lovable modern family-- or maybe they're lovable *because* they're hapless in so many relatable ways. 

Ted Tinkerson works as a lightbulb sales rep, but dreams of bigger things, like...not being a lightbulb sales rep.


 The depressed economy and the reality of raising a family, though, keep Ted at the daily grind-- at least for now.  His can-do wife, Tiff, is a stay-at-home mom who keeps it all together while they raise their daughter, Tweetie, a sullen tween-ager, and precocious younger child, Tillman:


 (Ted may not like talking about his kids, but I sure do!) 

BIll Bettwy, a husband and father, says that the Tinkersons aren't just like his own family, but that his own family experiences have helped him think about the kinds of universal, relatable stories that we can all see ourselves in. Bill has always loved cartooning, and after a long career as a professional artist and designer, he returned to comics to create Take it From the Tinkersons.  We're glad he did!  

You can find the Tinkersons here on Comics Kingdom, as well as at

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