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News Around the Kingdom: Cartoonists Making Appearances

Greetings Comics Royals!

 John Rose (“Barney Google & Snuffy Smith”) will do a signing for his new book collection, “Balls of Fire!  More Snuffy Smith Comics” at 11am on Friday, June 10 in the newspaper office of The Virginian Review!  Rose’s new collection features over 350 of his favorite comic strips from 2013-2015! The Virginian Review is located at: 128 N. Maple Ave., Covington, Va. 24426. For more information call (540) 962-2121!

John Rose's new book!
John Rose will be signing copies of his new book

 Tom Batiuk (“Funky Winkerbean”, “Crankshaft”) will make an appearance at Mercy St. Charles Hospital’s 11th Annual Cancer Survivor Celebration 11am – 2pm on Saturday June 11!  The location is Mercy St. Charles Hospital, 2600 Navarre Avenue, Oregon, OH  43616!

Tom Batiuk's book is available on Amazon!
Tom Batiuk's book is available on Amazon

 Bunny Hoest (“The Lockhorns”) will make an appearance at “Eternal Con,” the Long Island Comic Con, on Saturday, June 11!  She’ll also appear 7 pm on Thursday June 16 at Book Revue in Huntington, New York!  Book Revue is located at 313 New York Avenue, Huntington, NY  11743!  For more information call (631) 271-1442!

"The Lockhorns" cartoonist Bunny Hoest

 In other news…

 Readers of The News & Record in Greensboro voted “Baby Blues” a top spot in a recent poll!

"Baby Blues" is by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman!

 David Reddick (“Intelligent Life”) gives readers a sneak peek at Skip in Star Trek attire for a Sunday coming up in July!  Just in time for the new Star Trek movie!

Skip is a cast member of
Skip is a cast member of "Intelligent Life" by David Reddick

 The “Mary Worth” strip references “Star Wars” on Thursday this week!

A "padawan" is a type of student

 And finally…

 Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”) posts his hilarious comics for the week!

"Bizarro" by Dan Piraro

 Thanks for catching up on this week’s News Around the Kingdom!

 See you again next Friday! Have a great weekend.

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