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Happy 14th Birthday to The Family Circus!

"Fourteen?" you say.  "That can't be right," you say.  But it's true!  Today is The Family Circus' fourteenth birthday-- because The Family Circus was launched on Leap Day, 1960!

Here's the very first Family Circus Strip, from February 29, 1960:

It's not every year we get to celebrate the anniversary of this beloved comic! 
Bil Keane created Family Circus when he was a father with a young family, himself: 


Jeff Keane is now Ringmaster of the circus, and we'd like to take the opportunity to wish Jeff and the entire family a very happy anniversary-- even "Not Me" and "Ida Know" -- and we'd never forget our beloved dotted line!


 Have a happy Leap Day, and here's to fourteen more birthdays for Family Circus! 


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