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Editor's Dispatch: National Spinach Day

I know most of you wore your green LAST week, but here at King Features, we all wear our green for a holiday that is very near and dear to our hearts.  You all know what that is, of course.


March 26, right?

Well, naturally, it's the most important and Popeye-riffic holiday of the year, National Spinach Day!


 So fire up those can openers and those microwaves and enjoy some of our favorite leafy green today in honor of our favorite sailor AND our favorite vegetable!

In other news, Sally Forth now has her very own website! Visit here!

And we'd like to thank Kurt J. Kolka for a fantastic week of guest blogs about bullying last week.  Thanks, Kurt!  It's an important topic and your visit was very much appreciated.

Kurt appeared on former guest blogger WIll Roberts' radio show last week!  If you'd like to hear more from Kurt, you can listen below:

His segment starts at 33.22!Have a great week, and enjoy your spinach!

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