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Tuesday's Top Ten Comics: Holiday Travel

Getting there is supposed to be half the fun! With that spirit in mind, here are 10 travel-related comics that you can enjoy while en route to your next destination. Please read responsibly.

And we're off ... 

It seems everyone is trying to get somewhere on the eve of Thanksgiving ... some more than others!


This “Bizarro” comic raises a good question: “Are you a man or a mouse while traveling during the holidays?”


“The Lockhorns” ponder history while waiting their turn on the long airport security line


Getting there is half the fun! Jill and Rob discuss the cheapest way to travel before Thanksgiving.


Hilary Price (“Rhymes With Orange”) wonders why there are so many luggage stores at the airport?


Rain causes yet another flight cancellation in this “Mutts” comic.


“Sally Forth” sums up everything that is wrong these days with air travel.


Ed Kudlick in “Dustin” makes a very astute point about seat upgrades


A comic ducks and reported flight delays.


 Finally, this is the one thing you should never say to a penguin.


Wishing everyone, especially those who are traveling this weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday, a safe and happy holiday! Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

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