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News Around the Kingdom: Independence Day Edition

Greetings Comics Royalty!

Happy Fourth of July to all of our comics fans in the United States of America! Happy Friday to the rest of our Kingdom luminous firecrackers! The Kingdom is eagerly awaiting the launch of “Intelligent Life” on Monday. David Reddick has staged his very own media blitz this week, having been interviewed by USA Today and Comic Vine. Here's a taste of what readers can expect to see in his new comic.


Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”) does a parody of “The Family Circus”

World Cup contenders show their love for Team Popeye

Lionel Messi (Team Argentina)
Lionel Messi (Team Argentina)

Alex Hallatt (Arctic Circle) dispenses creative writing advice via Oscar  …

John Hambrock (“The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee”) shares some of his “Bright Ideas” in an interview with Tom Heintjes of Hogan’s Alley

John Rose (Barney Google and Snuffy Smith) shares his “Bodaciously Blessed” interview in this month’s issue of WV South magazine

Joe Giella and Karen Moy (Mary Worth) spoke to writer Tom Ward about the evolution of “Mary Worth” …

Readers of the Las Vegas Review voted “Blondie” their No.1 favorite comic strip in a recent comics poll …

Olive Oyl is getting beach-ready with a new fitness routine …

Finally, Vikings are having a moment in the spotlight in several comics …

Thanks for reading! See you again next Friday!

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