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Tuesday's Top Ten: Father's Day

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. In honor of the upcoming holiday, today's comics are all about Father's Day!

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Now, on to the comics!

1. Dagwood from Blondie has some great ideas for Father's Day:


2. Dennis the Menace does a drawing of what his dad loves most:


3. The Edge City kids are giving their dad something special for Father's Day:

4. See how Hi & Lois and their family celebrate Father's Day:
5. A sweet Mutts strip about Father's Day:

6. Retail demonstrates what happens to some dads on Father's Day:

 7. This Father's Day phone call backfires in Deflocked:

 8. Buckles wishes Paul a very happy Father's Day, the "classic" way!

 9. Rhymes with Orange shows that dads fill many roles, Father's Day and everyday:

10. Finally, this Tiger strip reminds us why we can't confuse Father's Day for Mother's Day!

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