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Tuesday's Top Ten: Picnic and Cookout Comics!

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. In honor of summer, today's comics are all about picnics and cookouts!

1. What type of food will Dagwood and Blondie be enjoying on their picnic? Let's see:

 2. Dustin and his family are also having some interesting food choices at their cookout: 

 3. Oh no! What did the Arctic Circle gang forget?

 4. Wanda from Baby Blues is tired after a picnic and so much more:

 5. Jeff from Marvin & Family is trying out a special recipe:

 6. Jane Goodall attends her first "picnic" in this Rhymes with Orange comic:

7. Earl and Mooch from Mutts know exactly which company picnic to attend:


8. Curtis' dad uses a cookout to teach Curtis a valuable, sweet lesson:

9. The Sherman's Lagoon gang is fighting back against company picnics:

 10. And finally, Thel and Bill from Family Circus just want a nice family picnic:

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