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News Around the Kingdom: The Reuben Awards Edition

Greetings comics Royalty!

This weekend, many cartoonists will travel to San Diego for the 68th Annual National Cartoonists Society’s Awards. Several King Features cartoonists have been nominated and are being honored for their cartooning work, including:

Hilary Price is nominated for the Reuben Award for “Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year” for “Rhymes With Orange.” The Reuben Award, considered the “Oscar®” of the cartooning profession, is the highest honor bestowed upon a professional cartoonist.

Bunny Hoest and John Reiner, the masterminds behind The Lockhorns, will both receive the prestigious Gold Key Award.

Finally, Terri Libenson (The Pajama Diaries) and Isabella Bannerman (Six Chix) are both nominated for “Best Newspaper Comic Strip of the Year.”

Winners will be announced on Saturday, May 24th at the Awards dinner and ceremony. A complete list of award nominees, including biographies, photographs and samples of their work, can be found on the National Cartoonists Society’s website.

Jeff Parker and Steve Kelly, creators of Dustin, are “Reuben Bound”

Sandra Bell Lundy (Between Friends) is excited about being a presenter at the Reubens … 


In other news …

Brian and Walker salutes the heroes of Memorial Day with two Hi & Lois Sundays

Terri Libenson was interviewed by The Cleveland Plain Dealer about her Body Image 101 series …

Bleeker is bilingual …

The Bizarro blog this week is for the birds …

John Rose (Snuffy Smith) was interviewed by the Johnson City Press. See the video here.

John Hambrock posts a “fold-in” Edison Lee comic for readers to print …

In “All Grown Up,” Jim Borgman pays tribute to his son, Jake, who just graduated …

Popeye salutes Fleet Week in New York City …

Finally, it is World Turtle Day so swim on over to Sherman’s Lagoon for some turtle-themed fun and facts!




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