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Tuesday's Top Ten: Daylight Savings Time

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. Daylight Savings Time was this past Sunday, so this week's comics are all about springing forward!

1. The ladies of Barney Google and Snuffy Smith are giggling about Daylight Savings Time:

 2. Rhymes with Orange reminds us what else to do when Daylight Savings Time hits:

 3. The Pajama Diaries family laments losing an hour:

 4. Sprung has sprung in Family Circus!

 5. Dagwood from Blondie is very excited to set the clocks to the correct time:


6. Grin and Bear It explains Daylight Savings Time:

 7. Hi and Lois are hoping a wizard stops by to help with resetting the clocks:

 8. What happens when you show up late for work? This Retail comic explains:

 9. The kids from Dennis the Menace are very excited for Daylight Savings Time:

 10. And finally, Mutts tells us the best part of Daylight Savings: spring is almost here!

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