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News From Around The Kingdom: Sketches, Snapshots and Work Spaces

Comics Kingdom featured a fun blog post last week about cartoonists and their drawing tables. The post, “Caution, Creators At Work,” garnered a lot of interest from several King Features cartoonists who were inspired by their fellow cartoonists’ work spaces, including:

Alex Hallatt (“Arctic Circle”) who writes about “King Features’ Cartoonists’ Work Spaces” and John Rose who shares a favorite piece of “Barney Google and Snuffy Smith” memorabilia in “Recyclin’ A Snuffy Ebay Find!”

In other news...

In “Three to Five Smiles,” Dan Piraro shares three cartoons that include jokes involving cholesterol counts, Pilgrims, burkas and labradoodles.   

In “My Entire Process from A-Z,” John Hambrock discusses his creative process and even shares a fun listicle of the tools he uses to ply his trade.

Over at, Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker are “Feeling A Bit Sketchy” in which they offer a sneak peek of a panel that will appear in an upcoming “Dustin” strip.

At, comics fans can read more about the upcoming release of the new comic book, Flash Gordon #1, from Dynamite Entertainment.

If you aren’t tired of winter yet, check out and see a throwback strip from 2001 of the Flagstons getting ready for their annual family vacation and ski trip.

In “Lara Bell’s Grand Tour” over at, Tony DePaul shares historical throwback Phantom strips from Wilson McCoy and Sy Barry.

Finally, Olive Oyl is getting a jump on Spring fashion and dons the Pantone Color of the Year in “Olive Oyl Looks: Radiant Orchid.”

See you next Friday!

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