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News From Around the Kingdom: Happy New Year!

We hope everybody is having a great start to 2014!

Here is what some of our beloved cartoonists have been talking about during the past week:

Brian Walker from Hi & Lois wishes his readers a Happy New Year and posts a New Year Eve's strip from 2000. You can see his look back here.

Norm Feuti from Retail asks his Rhode Island fans for support while the The Providence Journal does a trial run of his strip. Read Norm's blog post about what you can do to help here.

Rina Piccolo from Tina's Groove shares her comic strip filing system in this funny post entitled "Drowning in Comic Strips."

It's flashback week on the Pajama Diaries blog, and Terri Libenson is remembering the "lice" story from 2012. Read Terri's look back here. 

Bizarro creator, Dan Piraro, welcomes his readers to 2014...and the Future! Check out Dan's post here.

Bill Bettwy from Take It From The Tinkersons wishes his readers a Happy New Year in this post!

John Rose of Barney Google and Snuffy Smith shares an exciting place that Snuffy Smith and the gang from Duck Dynasty appeared in together recently!  Check out his post here.

See you next Friday!

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