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Week in Review: June 14, 2013

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Time! There’s never enough of it. This time of year always makes me long for the days of summer vacation. Well, yesterday was making me long for summer vacation. Today it’s pouring and I’m happy to be inside reading comics.

Of course, school is wrapping up for the kids of DailyINK.

Hilary of SALLY FORTH will do anything to procrastinate from studying:

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While Elmo of BLONDIE wants to make sure everyone knows he’s cramming for exams:

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In ZITS, Jeremy’s parents are hoping he’ll find a job to keep him occupied:

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But if the Duncans think Jeremy is “directionless,” wait till they see Skip over in BLEEKER THE RECHARGEABLE DOG:

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And GIL had better think of something to do fast, or it’s going to be one long, long summer:

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Tillman of TAKE IT FROM THE TINKERSONS is vegging out and playing video games:

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Jill of THE PAJAMA DIARIES actually lets the girls go to the pool by themselves. How grown up!

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Meanwhile, Ralph of MOTHER GOOSE AND GRIMM also goes to the pool—and isn’t sure what to make of it:

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Coming BACK from vacation are the periodical cicadas. I love these little guys, and they’re visiting MUTTS this week!

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The last time they visited us, it was 1996! Make sure to let them know about the internet!

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