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Week in Review: January 11, 2013

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Hi, folks!

Oscar nominations are in! Did your favorite films get a nod? Over in SAFE HAVENS, Ming’s documentary got a nomination, and everyone’s celebrating the good news!

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The rest of the cartoon world seems to be making the most of the wintertime. Tucker of DEFLOCKED has started a snowman-building business, but he’s not having much luck finding clients.

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Over in EDGE CITY, there’s a big storm about to hit and everyone’s getting prepared for the worst:

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While MARVIN and Bitsy have actually experienced the worst—they’re snowed into Bitsy’s dog house!

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CURTIS’ annual Kwanzaa story wraps up this week with a valuable lesson about the power of love:

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Hillary Forth of SALLY FORTH has to get back into the swing of things as school comes back into session. Her friend Nona’s still harboring a grudge from before the break began.

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Sherman and Megan of SHERMAN’S LAGOON have decided to bypass winter and are on vacation in Venice:

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While Mooch of MUTTS is bypassing winter by deciding to hibernate through the season:

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In TINA’S GROOVE, Tina has to struggle to find a balance between her work and personal life now that her boyfriend, Gus, has been hired to work at Pepper’s:

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And Ralph and Grimmy of MOTHER GOOSE AND GRIMM go on an adventure to find Bigfoot—who turns out to be less elusive than previously expected. He does need to learn some table manners, though!

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Have a great week, everyone, and don’t freeze!

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