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Week In Review, October 12, 2012

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Well, Autumn is certainly in full swing. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE was the first among us to notice:

And Mooch from MUTTS has decided he’s going to migrate south along with his bird friends. We’re not too sure how that’s going to turn out:

Of course, Monday was Columbus Day. BLONDIE and TODD THE DINOSAUR paid tribute:

Meanwhile, Tucker from DEFLOCKED is getting a head start on his Halloween costume:

And Hillary of SALLY FORTH and her new “sidekick,” Becca, are trying to decide what to be:

Over in BABY BLUES, Zoe is dealing with another kind of fall: she’s had to go to the E.R. for a broken arm!

I couldn’t go without mentioning what might be one of the oddest moments of synchronicity on the comics page I’ve seen here on DailyINK. We’ve got a plethora of Easter Island heads appearing this week in various cartoons:

ZIPPY THE PINHEAD by Bill Griffith

ZITS by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman


I guess it just goes to show that our cartoonists are thinking about warmer climates as the days get cooler, right? Maybe they’ll be migrating south with Mooch. Although personally, I’m going to be curling up with a mug of cider and some snickerdoodles. Yum, fall!

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