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Editor’s Dispatch: The Kenosha Festival of Cartooning!

Have you heard about the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning? The first one was held last September, and I’m pleased to hear that they’re aiming to keep it going this year. Festival director, Anne Hambrock has just put word out with some of the details about this year’s festival which takes place September 27th through 29th. They’ve got an impressive line-up of cartoonists slated for the event. This is from Anne’s announcement:

This year’s guest speakers are:

Stephan Pastis – Pearls Before Swine
Michael Jantze – The Norm and Jantze Studios
Dave Coverly – Speed Bump
Greg Cravens – The Buckets
Norm Feuti – Retail and Gil

and festival moderator:

Tom Racine – Tall Tale Radio

It looks like it’ll be all sorts of fun. But it seems they will need some help to make sure it’s as great a festival as it can be. Anne sends word about a Kickstarter campaign to help raise some money to support the event. I’ve kicked in my few bucks, and I hope you will, too. Local events like this make such an amazing contribution to the overall promotion of comics culture. If you can make even a small donation, I know it will be greatly appreciated. And hey! If you’re anywhere near Kenosha this September, clear some time on the calendar and get over the festival!

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