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Editor’s Dispatch: EDGE CITY Holocaust Series

I hope you’re already a faithful reader of Terry and Patty LaBan’s EDGE CITY comic strip, and you’ve been following the current storyline. If not, I recommend you head over to the past week of archives and catch up real quick – it’s about to get really good. Terry and Patty began a three-week-long storyline about remembering the Holocaust, and it kicked off last week. This week introduces a flashback sequence – it’s seriously moving stuff.

As usual, I have the advantage of seeing these comics weeks before they appear, and I can vouch for this one. They’ve done a truly touching treatment. It’s not easy introducing heavier topics in to the daily funnies, but Terry and Patty have done a deft job of making this tasteful and allowing their readers to see the different directions a comic strip can be taken.

Over at, there is a short interview with Terry about this series. Check it out.

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