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Vintage Madness: Election Upset

Well, the poll results are in and we have a real surprise victory. Ron Paul beat Mitt Romney!

Well, that’s an April Fool’s joke. But what’s not a joke is that in our VINTAGE MADNESS election, THIMBLE THEATER lost to JUDGE PARKER!

The one-eyed sailor just didn’t have the spinach to beat the bold jurist. The votes have been tabulated, and clearly the Judge has many more friends who took the time to cast their ballots. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Some Judge Parker art from a 1980’s syndicate sales brochure.

The last preliminary bout has ended. Now, the end of the line VINTAGE MADNESS finale is here. The World Series/Super Bowl ultimate championship between two classic vintage comics happens next week. Winner takes all! Choose your favorite comic: HI & LOIS or JUDGE PARKER. Voting begins now! Vote early and often.



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