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Editor’s Dispatch: FUNKY’S 40th!

Tomorrow, March 27th, marks the 40th anniversary of Tom Batiuk’s FUNKY WINKERBEAN! Check out this beautiful mosaic of characters he created for us:

That’s some cast of characters he’s amassed over the years, isn’t it? Between the humorous moments and the more serious storylines, FUNKY has found an amazing foothold with readers over the years. Tom has taken his strip to some pretty incredible places, and touched people with his brand of tackling heavy topics. He’s even performed a time-shift in the comic – a few years ago, readers awoke to a new generation of characters, and somehow the comic strip never missed a beat.

Join me in congratulating Tom on this momentous 40th anniversary. Although, if you knew Tom – maybe you’ve met him, or seen his picture – you would agree with me that it seems impossible this guy has been doing ANYTHING for 40 consecutive years. He doesn’t look old enough!

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