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Ask the Archivist: Forth and Thirtieth

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Hello Readers,

Last week Mr. Skidmore thanked me for the blog on the women in BEETLE BAILEY. He opined that I offered “Bill Blackbeard-ish perspectives.” I’m not in Blackbeard’s class, I assure you, as I never make things up.

We will do lots more BEETLE BAILEY items as the year goes along. It’s the 60th anniversary year of the Beetle Sunday later in 2012, for instance.

An anniversary this month is of our working mom saga, SALLY FORTH. The first week ran January 4-9, 1982, and the debut Sunday ran on January 10, 1982.

The strip was originally drawn by its creator, Greg Howard, but nine years later, the art chores went to Craig MacIntosh starting on November 11, 1991.



Now thirty years on, the SALLY FORTH strips just keep on coming, and you can see more samples by just clicking here

Yours truly,

The Archivist

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