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Intelligent Life

Our world is awash in pop culture, and increasingly what we call ldquogeekrdquo culture. Television and movies showcase superheroes and sci-fi/fantasy. Social media and mobile technology have given people new ways to share their fandom and obsessions. And we would argue that even those who love fantasy sports and the intricate details behind the games we follow show a level of engagement and behavior we might define as ldquogeeky.rdquo

Intelligent Life is a comic strip that revolves around a set of characters who very much exist in this world of geek/pop culture, and it gives us a good laugh as we nod knowingly at their antics. The strip follows the personal life, the work life, the hobbies and obsessions of Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry, and glimpses the mania of our world.

If any of this sounds familiar, donrsquot be surprised ndash this is the modern world we all share. Intelligent Life celebrates the geek in all of us.



Skip is a self-proclaimed geek who has a healthy (ahem) obsession with his hobbies. He lives for video games, comic books and sci-fi/fantasy movies and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Through his eyes (and the eyes of his slightly-weirder best friend, Mike) we glimpse the world of the geek/pop culture enthusiast. He’s intelligent and friendly, and although he can be lovably dorky, no one would call him a loser.

Skip works as an account rep at Finch Marketing where he clashes with Barry and crushes on Gwen. He’s resigned to keeping his feelings for Gwen a secret after making fast friends – that doesn’t mean his angst about that crush won’t provide plenty of funny fodder.


Gwen is adventurous and strong-willed – you better believe she won’t be trampled on. But she’s also artsy and whimsical, and deep. She’s okay with the fact that she might have a little “geek” in her. She obsesses over her blog and social media, and has a sharp eye and a fine-tuned ear for pop culture.

Gwen works in the front office of Finch Marketing, where she was transferred from the California office. She took the transfer in an effort to switch up her life and find herself. She’s had lousy luck in relationships, and probably doesn’t realize that her new friend Skip might be just the one for her. Until that day comes (if ever), she’ll remain amused by him.


Mike is Skip’s best friend since childhood. He shares Skip’s enthusiasm for all things geek/pop culture – video games, comic books, sci-fi/fantasy. But Mike takes his fanatic fandom to an even higher level. Mike is the uber-fanatic, and can sometimes seem from another planet (actually, he might be).

Mike is highly intelligent and wonderfully imaginative. He has a great job as a computer programmer, makes really good money, but still lives with his mom – in his mind, it’s completely illogical to pay rent or a mortgage, or even cook your own meals when your mom is delighted to continue doting on you.


Barry is Skip’s foil. He loves his sports, and he loves impressing the ladies. However, the way Barry obsesses over his sports and fantasy leagues shows awfully ironic amount of “geeky” behavior. Barry can ramble off sports standings and valuable draft picks the way Skip can ramble off the Marvel universe of superhero characters.

Barry is the top-selling rep at Finch Marketing, and he’ll be the first to tell you that. He and Skip are polar opposites in so many ways, but it’s clear they share a mutual amusement with one another – actually more like an other-worldly curiosity for one another.


David Reddick

Creative writing and art courses tell you to “create what you know.” This is why David Reddick created the comic strip, Intelligent Life. David doesn’t just write and draw his comic strip – he lives it. He’s deeply immersed in all things geek/pop culture and his enthusiasm for such things is clearly evident when you meet him.

David’s career in comics has spanned nearly 20 years and has been varied and rewarding. For six years, David was the staff editorial cartoonist and newsroom artist for The Herald Bulletin daily newspaper in Anderson, Ind. For three years, David created the popular comic, The Trek Life for CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures – the comic ran on the official “Star Trek” website and various publications worldwide. David also created Gene’s Journal and Rod & Barry for Roddenberry.com, further solidifying his status with “Trekkers” everywhere.

David created the popular web comic, Legend of Bill, which he brought to a height of two million page views per month. He has created comics for IDW Publishing, Tokyo Pop, ROK Media and CBS Mobile, among others. And his abstract paintings and original cartoons have been shown in galleries in North America and Europe.

By day, David works at Paws, Inc., where he is the Digital and Social Media Coordinator for the Garfield worldwide property. He has written and drawn for the Garfield comic strip and he has drawn various art used for Garfield licensing and animation. David’s acumen for social media boosted the Garfield Facebook page to more than 13 million fans in just three years.

The next and most rewarding chapter in David’s comics career lies ahead of him with his new comic strip, Intelligent Life, syndicated worldwide by King Features Syndicate.

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