K.C. Green


Funny Online Animals
Just because you’re sad, doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at it. Follow these funny animals and find that they are just as poisoned by irony and being online too much just like the rest of us! Be seen! Be validated! And, above all else, just be quiet!



An unknowable bear.


Easiest duck to get along with. Loves to hang, hates to lose. Always funny but not quite creative enough. Pretentious as all get out and condescending at his worst. Is gay and in a relationship with a popular Instagrammer "Relatable Ape," who Guy accidentally beheaded.

Cool Frog

A depressed frog who believes he can still help the world with his melancholy wisdom. Usually doesn't, even tho he's right more often than not. Who wants to hear they're wrong? Most reserved of the group (read: uptight).


The most normal rabbit of the bunch. The kind of pal who knows your buttons and loves to push them to find the boundaries of friendship. Generally a dope, otherwise.


A curious but aloof fox. Rarely speaks but she's always where the action seems to be. Tolerates most, but loves being wanted by the rest. Has an active ASMR channel on Youtube.

Question Hound

Yes, THE "this is fine" dog. He's been a funnier online animal than the rest and is the de-facto boss at FOA, INC. He's quick to get mad at all the other memes around him in a business that can drop you as easy and quickly as new content comes across the timeline. It's a "ruff" job!

Baba Yaga Junior

Unlicensed animal doctor/witch who is all these funny animals can afford. Kind of the only game in town, but her fingers are in other underhanded dealings on top of her practice. Her familiar, Ipswich, is a rat. He's loyal to Baba alone but even then takes after her selfishness a bit too much.


Ever the shoulder with a chip on it. This raccoon is the embodiment of "your friend with a truck who will help you move." Loves to gripe and grumble and yell at her friends. Doesn't care for lying.


A prudish, uptight, but generally harmless possum. Has weird beliefs that she will talk your ear off about if given the chance. Prays to a giant Moose called the "Old One" that stalks the town at night.



Helpful Puppo

Despite the name, he is the most unhelpful dog if there ever was one. Usually in it for their own gain and always at the cost of someone else's. Sometimes they'll even do it against their own gain! Truly a mad "doggo" to be avoided at all costs.

Edward Pinkerton

An educated, quiet man who is always watching the animals, trying to understand what they're about. But otherwise, a total wet blanket.

The Agitator and the Malefactor

Just a cat and a mouse. Nothing weird about that.


They look like snakes but they are not, they are aliens. They talk like idiots on purpose and cause problems for the rest.


K.C. Green

Creator of the webcomic Gunshow, the graphic novels “Anime Club” and “Graveyard Quest, and the oft-overused meme “This is Fine,” KC Green is a web cartoonist who’s been stuck in a dang rut and putting it online to share. He lives in Western Massachusetts slowly turning into one of the many townies who scream happily outside his window. You can find more of his work at kcgreendotcom.com.

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