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Redeye was created by Gordon Bess in 1967 and, is now written and illustrated by artist Mel Casson.

Distributed by King Features Syndicate to 100 newspapers nationwide, Redeye is a warm parody of the Western genre. It portrays the world of the eccentric chief of the bumbling Chickiepan Indian tribe. The overweight, somewhat befuddled Redeye is confounded in his quest for glory by his uppity mustang, Loco; his practical-joker son, Porky; and his daughter, Tawnee, who is in love with the tribe idiot, Tanglefoot.

Mel Casson

Well-known artist and illustrator Mel Casson writes and illustrates Redeye. For more than 15 years, he illustrated the strip while prolific cartoonist Bill Yates wrote it. When Yates retired in 1999, Casson began to write the strip as well.

Casson has had five cartoon books published, including his anthology, "Ever Since Adam and Eve." His cartoons have appeared in virtually every national magazine and his drawings appeared in advertisements for IBM, General Electric, Kodak and Black and Decker. He has served on the board of governors of the Newspaper Comics Council and the National Cartoonists Society.


Redeye's wife, Mawsquaw, is living proof that it's not easy raising three children (especially when one of them is your husband).


Redeye's lovesick daughter.


Pokey is Redeye's mischievous son.


Tawnee's loving but dim-witted boyfriend.


Granny is Redeye's man-hungry widowed mother.


Loco is Redeye's yellow-bellied war-horse.

Chief Redeye

The fearless leader of his wacky tribe of Chickiepan Indians. They're on a mission to make you laugh.

Medicine Man

The tribe's doctor and resident intellectual.

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