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Ollie & Quentin is a buddy strip about the unlikely friendship between a seagull named Ollie and an accident-prone lugworm named Quentin. They are best friends despite the obvious food chain disparity that suggests Ollie should be interested in Quentin more as a snack than as a friend. They live in a coastal town with Nobby, an affable single guy who serves as both foil and witness to their silly, mischievous high jinks.

During their adventurous romps together, Ollie is somewhat oblivious to the dangers that Quentin's small size presents. Despite Ollie's protective brotherly nature, Quentin endures many hysterical, albeit, unfortunate accidents, such as getting sucked into a vacuum cleaner, being blown up as a party balloon and even requiring brief hospitalization after Nobby mistakes him for a piece of chewing gum.

Ollie & Quentin is the creation of British cartoonist Piers Baker, whose beautifully detailed artwork and subtle humor perfectly capture the warmth of friendship and the joys of life in a seaside town.

Piers Baker

Piers Baker

As a child, Piers Baker used to set himself cartoon drawing examinations in the hope that one day he would be good enough to be a syndicated cartoonist.

Educated at boarding school in the heart of the beautiful British countryside, Piers then spent an exciting year doing volunteer work in Egypt. On his return to the UK, he studied at the Epsom School of Art and then found work in a small advertising agency where he learned to be a graphic designer. In the years following, he was a director of a small design agency where his specialty was designing ice cream packaging. Much of his work can still be seen in trash cans around Europe.

In 2000, Piers gave up graphic design to become a cartoonist and has been working as a successful illustrator of children's school books ever since. In 2002, Piers created the comic strip Ollie and Quentin as an homage to all the poor lugworms he had used as bait while sea fishing in his youth.

A champion 400m sprinter when he was at college, Piers still enjoys running and regularly races over 10K.

Piers lives in the beautiful town of Guildford near London, England, with his grown up son and daughter. Standing almost 6' 6” in height, Piers is hoping to be the tallest cartoonist in syndication.

Strangely, Piers has a fear of meeting the Queen and accidentally curtseying.

Ollie and Quentin
Ollie and Quentin

Ollie is a cool, calm and relaxed seagull who enjoys nothing more than a gentle swim in the sea, a quiet flight across the bay ,and a gut-bustingly exciting adrenaline rush caused by yet another adventure dreamed up by his lugworm buddy.

Quentin is an enthusiastic, excitable, romantic, charming and optimistic lugworm with an appetite for adventure matched only by his taste for the ridiculous. Despite the setbacks that a naïve gastropod inevitably receives living in a human world, our plucky, thumb-shaped hero lives every day like it is his last.


Nobby is a single man who had little say in his house becoming a home to a seagull and a lugworm. His patient and generous nature means he accepts the absurdity of his situation, and so finds himself acting as both foil and witness to Ollie and Quentin’s mischievous antics.

Other minor characters include two mischievous unhatched Eggs, the Evil Mrs. Cadaver who lives next door, a fish called Fish and Quentin's bodyguard, a Venus Fly Trap called Rex.

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