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The Best & The Wittiest is a weekly package of at least 25 timely and thought-provoking editorial cartoons, of varied styles and views, from such award-winning editorial cartoonists as Rex Babin,John Branch, Gary Brookins, Brian Duffy, David M. Hitch, Lee Judge, Jeff Koterba, Jimmy Margulies, Rick McKee, Kevin Siers and Kirk Walters.

Kirk Walters

Kirk Walters

Kirk Walters has been the editorial cartoonist for The Blade in Toledo, Ohio since 1985, when he left The Scranton Times (Pa.) after a three-year stint.

Prior to becoming a part of The Best and The Wittiest package, his award-winning cartoons were syndicated through Scripps Howard News Service to approximately 160 newspapers nationwide.

In addition to his editorial cartoons, Walters does a weekly comic strip on local issues, called Maumee Dearest. Now nearing its 12th year, it remains a favorite among readers of The Blade.

The civic-minded Walters is involved in many local charities.

He graduated from Penn State University.

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