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Grin and Bear It was created by sports cartoonist George Lichtenstein, under the penname George Lichty, in 1932. In the more than 70 years since its debut, Grin and Bear It has successfully satirized all aspects of "the establishment" with targets, such as military intelligence, the greed of big business and the never-ending stream of political red tape.

When it's not going after bigger fish, Grin and Bear It also deflates the ordinary inconsistencies and absurdities of American morals and everyday life.

Fred Wagner

Fred Wagner

Cartoonist Fred Wagner was born and raised in Memphis, Tenn. and attended the Memphis Academy of Art. In 1974, Ralph Dunagin along with Fred Wagner took over responsibility for the creation of “Grin and Bear It”.  In addition to "Grin and Bear It" he also produces the cartoon "Animal Crackers,". He served as creator for the strip "Catfish" for Tribune Media Services ,and also worked at The Orlando Sentinel as an artist in their electronic information and art departments. Early in his career, he spent five years living as a sculptor in Memphis.

Wagner's awards for his art include one from Editor & Publisher for best color illustration, and from the Orlando Press Club for best editorial cartoon.

Wagner is a father of two; James Wagner, St. Petersburg ,FL , Lesley Armstrong, Winter Park FL and has two grandchildren, Alex and Annie.

Wagner and his wife Sandi reside in Winter Park.

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