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Ask the Archivist: A Century of George McManus

Hello Readers, This blog marks the end of our first year, and by chance, a special treat for all you Edwardians. This week marks the centennial of one of King Features’ greatest talents, George McManus, joining the company. Mr. McManus would go on to create the top-selling strip in the world for many years, BRINGING UP FATHER, in 1913. [...] Keep Reading

Happy Fifth Birthday, ARCTIC CIRCLE!

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ARCTIC CIRCLE is five years old today! In celebration, we’ve launched a brand new site at where you can read ARCTIC CIRCLE and Alex Hallatt’s blog every day. Go check it out now! Congratulations, Alex, on five great years! For more information, you can read our full press release on Keep Reading

Week in Review: August 24, 2012

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Hi, all!  How’s your week been? CURTIS’ week has been pretty eventful—the Wilkins’ family inadvertently entered the political sphere this week with a visit from President Obama  AND Mitt Romney!  There are fireworks flying, but Curtis seems more disappointed that the President’s daughters aren’t on the scene. If you’re looking for a good place to [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: A Look at AGATHA CRUMM

Hello Gang, How about a comic strip about a power-mad head of an international mega-corporation who regularly creates dubious products that gyp the public, lies to stockholders, bullies underpaid employees and constantly expresses an unabashed love of greed? I refer to the 1977-1996 King Features-syndicated strip, AGATHA CRUMM. AGATHA CRUMM was the creation of Bill Hoest (1926-1988), [...] Keep Reading

More Fun for Comics Fans!

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Ahoy, DailyINKers!  Hope you had a great weekend.  We’re excited to tell you all about some of our King Features comics’ new websites! First off, BEETLE BAILEY is now available EVERY DAY on the Official BEETLE BAILEY website.  If you’re a fan of Beetle, you can also see a selection of great old strips from [...] Keep Reading

Week In Review: August 17, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

As I said last week, I’m moving on from Supporting Cast to do something else on Fridays.  From now on, I’ll be talking about comics on DailyINK each week that you won’t want to miss!   First off, if you didn’t see our news earlier this week, SHERMAN’S LAGOON is visiting Shark Week on the [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: SHERMAN’S LAGOON Shark Week Special

Dear Readers, It is Shark Week, so we salute the one and only shark-infested comic strip,  SHERMAN’S LAGOON. This strip celebrated 21 years in syndication this past spring. It first appeared in 1991 in the Escondido Times-Advocate and was self-syndicated by Jim Toomey under the name of “Pacific Press Features.” Later that same year, SHERMAN’S [...] Keep Reading

“Sherman’s Lagoon” Launches Shark Week Series and “Think Like A Shark” Contest

Categories: Comics, Announcements

It’s time for everyone’s favorite week of television: Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!  In celebration of the 25th great year of Shark Week, SHERMAN’S LAGOON will be paying homage to this annual must-see TV event this week.  Please follow the weeklong series (bring popcorn and maybe some chum), and make sure to share the [...] Keep Reading

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