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Ask the Archivist: A Shot of Redeye

Hello Readers, I’m pleased that you all enjoyed the ancient comic section last week. I’ll scrounge up some others some another time. This week, I offer something a lot more contemporary, a strip not long out of production called REDEYE, the gag-a-day strip about a hapless Chickiepan Indian tribe and their semi-competent chief. REDEYE was created by [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: 111 July Fourths Ago

Dear Readers, For our special Independence Day blog, we present a Hearst comics section from the pre-earthquake San Francisco of 1901. The section is pretty much devoted to fireworks gags celebrating Independence Day. “THE KATZENJAMMER KIDS“ were the stars then. In those days, Hans and Fritz had yet to meet Der Captain or Der Inspector, and [...] Keep Reading

Happy (almost) 4th, Everybody!

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Since The Fourth of July falls smack-dab in the middle of the week, we’re taking this opportunity to have TWO weekends of Independence Day celebrations! Have a great Fourth, everyone, and we’ll leave you with a few fun, Fourth-themed strips from previous years! Rhymes With Orange, by Hilary Price The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee, [...] Keep Reading

Ask The Archivist: A Look At JUDD SAXON

Hi Readers, This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the discontinuation of the short-lived continuity strip JUDD SAXON, drawn by Ken Bald and written by Jerry Brondfield. Bald was a comic-book pioneer, starting his long career during the 1940′s, working on early Timely/Marvel series like SUB-MARINER and CAPTAIN AMERICA, and CRIME SMASHER at Fawcett. He’s still active, at [...] Keep Reading

Supporting Cast: Shandra of GIL

Categories: Comics, Announcements

GIL is the newest addition to DailyINK. Created by Norm Feuti, the mastermind behind RETAIL, GIL is the peek into the life of an eight-year-old boy who lives with his single working mom. Gil is a chubby, lovable, perpetual underdog. He’s out of shape and not the smartest or richest kid in his class. He [...] Keep Reading

Supporting Cast: Happy Father’s Day!

Categories: Comics, Announcements

We’d like to wish a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there reading DailyINK! In honor of your special day, here’s a selection of our favorite recent Father’s Day strips: The Pajama Diaries, by Terri Libenson The Family Circus, by Bil and Jeff Keane Sally Forth, By Francesco Marciuliano; drawn by Craig [...] Keep Reading

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