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Conflicted about the Presidential Election? Vote for Dagwood Bumstead!

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Just when you thought this 2012 presidential campaign year couldn’t get any more cantankerous, along comes a brand-new candidate to lighten the election mood. Readers will be delighted to learn that Dagwood Bumstead is throwing his hat into the ring during a special series slated to appear in newspapers worldwide from Nov. 1-7. “Because everybody [...] Keep Reading

This Week’s “Ask the Archivist”

Due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy, this week’s “Ask the Archivist” post has been delayed. We will post it as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the many people who have been affected by this massive storm’s merciless impact. For those of you [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: October 26, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

How’s everyone’s week been? Are you working on your Halloween costumes? Halloween seems to be the topic of the week here on DailyINK (as well it should be, we think!): SIX CHIX, by Isabella Bannerman THE PIRANHA CLUB, by Bud Grace MUTTS, by Patrick McDonnell GIL, by Norm Feuti DEFLOCKED, by Jeff Corriveau BLEEKER THE [...] Keep Reading

Ask The Archivist: Calling Dr. Kildare

Hello Readers, Two things happened fifty years ago this month: the Cuban Missile Crisis and the start of a continuity strip based on “DR. KILDARE,” a then-current dramatic series on television starring Richard Chamberlain. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) produced a series of films based on the Max Brand-created character. MGM owned the [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: October 19, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

The land of DailyINK still has an eye on the upcoming elections, and more so than ever! EDISON LEE spent this week daydreaming about what it would be like to be Vice President under Grandpa Orville—and it looks like Grandpa has his work cut out for him! Over in EDGE CITY, the battle of the [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: Dick’s Adventures in Dreamland

Here is an obscure strip that once had a place in the Hearst newspaper chain’s PUCK comic section. The strip I’m talking about is “DICK’S ADVENTURES IN DREAMLAND,”  which was written by veteran author of children’s stories Max Trell.  Mr. Trell did a column for many years called “GOOD NIGHT STORIES.” The art was drawn by [...] Keep Reading

Week In Review, October 12, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Well, Autumn is certainly in full swing. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE was the first among us to notice: And Mooch from MUTTS has decided he’s going to migrate south along with his bird friends. We’re not too sure how that’s going to turn out: Of course, Monday was Columbus Day. BLONDIE and TODD THE DINOSAUR paid [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: Dagwood Splits the Atom

Category: Vintage

Today, we’ll look at an unusual King Features project of the post-War years, a lesson in understanding  atomic energy. The atom’s power for vast destruction had ended World War II almost overnight in 1945  and left the United States as the only nation to possess atomic energy, making it far superior in military strength and the [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review, October 5, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Happy October! Did everyone watch the Presidential debate on Wednesday? You can bet our editorial cartoonists did! Here are a few gems: Glenn Foden Mike Smith Kirk Walters Even Dagwood apparently stayed awake long enough to watch the debates over in BLONDIE: But it looks like Tina of TINA’S GROOVE and Mr. The Toad of [...] Keep Reading

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