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Ask A Cartoonist: International Women's Day!

Saturday is International Women's Day, an important day to celebrate the accomplishments of women everywhere.

As a woman who works in comics, female cartoonists and characters have always been an inspiration to me. As a little girl, I played with paper dolls drawn by Grace Drayton (of the Campbell's Soup Kids fame), and when I got a little older, I remember being mystified by the very "grown up" plots of Brenda Starr and Apartment 3-G…and then moved on to trying to sneak peeks at cartoonists like Lynda Barry, whose work was even more "grown up." Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: At the Movies!

Around this time every year, when I see Oscar nominations and winners and lots of movie buzz all over the place, I start to think about the giant gaping holes in modern cinema: that is, films about classic soap opera and adventure strips.

I mean, comic films are all the rage these days, right? In the face of huge Hollywood blockbuster franchises, who's to say that the girls from Apartment 3-G couldn't face off against The Avengers, or Judge Parker couldn't take on Christopher Nolan's Batman, huh? Keep Reading

Ask A Cartoonist: Where in the World?

Here in New York, we had this lovely hint of warmer weather this weekend followed by a dip into more Arctic temperatures that have left me with one heck of a case of cabin fever. Being around comics all day is swell and all, but when it's gotten so cold I have to burn them for fuel, I start fantasizing about all the warmer places I could be... Keep Reading

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