Throwback Thursday: Radio Patrol

Categories: Comics, Vintage

In this Radio Patrol strip from today in 1947, Molly Day gets ditched by a stranger who runs off with a suitcase full of money after tracking the serial killer known as "The Mind."

She's stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no transportation, a vicious killer, and his goon-- and the villains are going to wake up soon! How's she going to get out of this one? Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: Flashtastic!

I have loved Flash Gordon from the time I was a tiny child and my best friend's dad gave me a collection of some of the old Buster Crabbe serials when I was about seven years old. When I got older and was more able to appreciate comic art, I was blown away by Alex Raymond's lush illustrations of his space-fantasy.

So I'm very excited that there are a TON of cool things to tell you about Flash Gordon right now! Keep Reading

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