Editor's Dispatch

Editor's Dispatch: Flashtastic!

I have loved Flash Gordon from the time I was a tiny child and my best friend's dad gave me a collection of some of the old Buster Crabbe serials when I was about seven years old. When I got older and was more able to appreciate comic art, I was blown away by Alex Raymond's lush illustrations of his space-fantasy.

So I'm very excited that there are a TON of cool things to tell you about Flash Gordon right now! Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: Our Friends in Orlando!

Last week, King's Digital Team went on a trip to Orlando to meet with the OTHER half of our digital team, the tireless and awesome folks at Reed-Brennan Media Associates. While many of us work here in New York City, RBMA is where a lot of the technical, behind-the-scenes work happens. We got a cool tour of some of the things that RBMA does for King Features. Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: Two New Books from Bob Weber, Jr. and Slylock Fox!

Bob Weber Junior of Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids has not one but TWO exciting new books coming out from Amazon TOMORROW. They're ranked in first and second place among upcoming puzzle books for kids-- tough competition! We're very excited about these great new books available just in time for that summer road trip-- so Bob joined us to talk a little bit about them! Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: The Puzzles Palace is Growing!

Hear ye! Hear ye! ComicsKingdom.com is pleased to announce its newly expanded Puzzles Palace section! Starting very soon, Puzzles Palace will offer users access to more than 50 of the world’s best games, including such massively popular favorites as Crosswords, Sudoku and Mahjongg. In addition to an expanded selection of puzzles featuring the best from King Features, Conceptis and Arkadium, Puzzles Palace now provides a fully responsive layout and increased mobile device support that extends to tablets and many smartphones.
Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: Happy Father's Day!

I know Father's Day was yesterday, but we don't do Sunday features here, so I wanted to take today to just say that I hope all the dads reading had a great day! My dad is the person who first got me into reading comics-- he is a lifelong fan of the funny pages, and I fondly remember "reading" the Sunday comics with him before I was old enough to read. So thanks to fathers everywhere!!! Keep Reading

Twenty Years of Rhymes With Orange

Congratulations Hilary Price on TWENTY YEARS of Rhymes With Orange!

This coming Friday marks the 20th anniversary of Rhymes with Orange. It's certainly been a big year for Hilary and Rhymes: Hilary won her divisional "Silver Reuben" this year for Best Syndicated Comic Panel, and she was nominated for Cartoonist of the year, as well. Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: From the Library of Congress

Last week, as part of the National Cartoonists' Society Weekend. we had the pleasure and privilege of being hosted by the Library of Congress for a panel called "Cartooning and Our Culture." The panel was moderated by our very own Editor, Brendan Burford, and features six incredible King Features cartoonists: Patrick McDonnell of Mutts, Brian Walker of Hi & Lois and Beetle Bailey, Jeff Keane of The Family Circus, Hilary Price of Rhymes With Orange, Ray Billingsley of Curtis, and Mike Peters of Mother Goose and Grimm. Keep Reading

Ask A Cartoonist: Graduation Time!

It's time for students from all over to graduate! Whether you're receiving your PhD or your Kindergarten diploma, this is a very special time of year, so we'd like to extend our warmest wishes and congratulations.

For students moving on to the next stage in their lives, graduation can be a scary time, so I asked our cartoonists to give some sage words of advice to graduates! Keep Reading

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