Editor's Dispatch

Editor's Dispatch: King's Editorial Cartoonists Remember Orlando

It's not often that King Features' wide stable of editorial cartoonists agree on a subject, but this week, in the aftermath of the horrible tragedy of the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the vast majority of our talented comics journalists had something to say. Please be aware that the following cartoons involve depictions of violence and weapons) Keep Reading

King Features Cartoonists at TCAF!

This past weekend, King Features cartoonists made a splash at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) on a panel called "Newspaper Comics in a Digital World."

Moderated by Rina Piccolo of Tina's Groove and Six Chix, Terri Libenson of The Pajama Diaries and Sandra Bell-Lundy of Between Friends were joined by Jonathan Mahood of Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog, which was formerly available on Comics Kingdom, Dana Simpson of Phoebe and her Unicorn, and Paul Gilligan of Pooch Café. Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: NCS "Cartoonists for Kids" Event in Memphis, TN!

This year, when the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) gathers for its annual Reuben Awards convention over Memorial Weekend (May 26-29), there will be a very different event on the agenda. The cartoonists will open their convention by making a May 26 campus visit to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a facility that specializes in the treatment of cancer and other childhood diseases. Keep Reading

Editor's Dispatch: Puzzle Time!!

Hi, all! This week-- January 29, to be exact, is National Puzzles Day! So why not celebrate by checking out the Comics Kingdom Puzzles collection?

I was always a big crossword puzzle fan-- when I was in college, my best friend and I would get together every Sunday morning to do the crosswords in the Sunday papers, but getting puzzles digitally means that there are always more puzzles to do when today's is done! There's a near-endless supply, and there are so many fun interactive puzzles to choose from.

Here are a few of my favorites: Keep Reading

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