Week in Review, January 25, 2013

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Inauguration Day was on Monday! But given the way everyone’s been dropping this ‘flu season, the kids over in FAMILY CIRCUS might have it a bit more accurate: In SAFE HAVENS, Samantha’s mom is also celebrating her inauguration as Senator: And it’s been super cold up and down the East Coast. It seems like the [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: George McManus at 129

Dear Comic Strip Fans: As part of the BRINGING UP FATHER centennial this year, we take a look at Jiggs and Maggie’s creator, whose birthday is today. The man who created perhap the most popular strip ever was George McManus. He was born January 23, 1884, in the midwestern city of St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Central High School, where his [...] Keep Reading

A Fond Farewell to Chris Cassatt

Categories: Comics, Announcements

It is with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye to our good friend, Chris Cassatt, who passed away this week. Chris was a tremendous talent and he will be remembered fondly by all of us at King Features. His local paper, the Aspen Times provides a touching obituary written by his friend, Andy [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: January 18, 2013

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Happy Friday, all! I just wanted to bring your attention to this neato SLYLOCK FOX cartoon! Count Weirdly travels back in time to give a tip of the hat to comics great George Herriman and his creation, KRAZY KAT (which you can read in our Vintage section!) Last week, everyone was deep in the chill [...] Keep Reading

Reminder About Our Commenting Policy

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Here at DailyINK we love the smart, funny comments and discussions that take place on our site each day. We welcome all opinions and respect free speech, but we also expect an acceptable level of decency. Please note that offensive comments will be removed without notice, and we also welcome users to report any inappropriate [...] Keep Reading

NEW: DailyINK Free Trials

Categories: Comics, Announcements

A great new offering for true comics fans: Enjoy a free 7 day DailyINK subscription trial, granting you access to 90+ daily comic strips, panels, editorial cartoons, vintage classics, games and puzzles. No credit card required! Already have a DailyINK subscription? Then find a friend who is jealous of your comics access and share with [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: January 11, 2013

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Hi, folks! Oscar nominations are in! Did your favorite films get a nod? Over in SAFE HAVENS, Ming’s documentary got a nomination, and everyone’s celebrating the good news! The rest of the cartoon world seems to be making the most of the wintertime. Tucker of DEFLOCKED has started a snowman-building business, but he’s not having [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: Juanuary 4, 2013

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and have come back refreshed and ready to go. Here’s a look at how the characters on DailyINK are celebrating their new year! Lots of great New Year’s comics this week. ARCTIC CIRCLE, by Alex Hallatt THE BETTER HALF, by Randy Glasbergen BETWEEN [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: THE PHANTOM Wedding

Category: Comics

To finish out the year, we close with the 35th anniversary of the marriage of our hero, The Phantom to Diana Palmer. In the story, the two had known each other since childhood. This long-awaited day was brought about after the strip itself was 41 years old. The ceremony was attended by all of the [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review, December 21, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Happy Mayan Apocalypse, everybody! We hear the world is supposed to end today. Apparently, for the characters of TINA’S GROOVE, that hasn’t made much of a difference: It seems like DailyINK hasn’t been slowed down much by ancient predictions. Most of them are too worried about getting ready for the holidays: SIX CHIX, by Margaret [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review, December 14, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Hi there, everyone! This week we’re really getting into the swing of the holidays all over DailyINK! Check out these great holiday cartoons: SIX CHIX, by Anne Gibbons MALLARD FILLMORE, by Bruce Tinsley CURTIS, by Ray Billingsley BETWEEN FRIENDS, by Sandra Bell-Lundy RHYMES WITH ORANGE, by Hilary Price SIX CHIX, by Anne Gibbons THE PIRANHA [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: “KATZENNIVERSARY”

Hello Fans, Apropos of all the calendar talk lately, I’ve realized that, a little after noon today, it will be 12:12 on 12/12/12. Is there something cosmic about that? I know the numbers won’t line up like that again until 1/1/01, eighty-nine years from now. So if it means something, now’s the time. More importantly, today marks another year [...] Keep Reading

DailyINK Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

We know the best holiday gift of all is laughter, so we have compiled the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide with products featuring today’s funniest and most beloved comic characters. From the latest comic collections and ever-popular DailyINK gift subscriptions to ceramic coffee mugs, 2013 calendars and, last but not least, this season’s must-have Lancôme makeup [...] Keep Reading

Week in Review: December 7, 2012

Categories: Comics, Announcements

Happy December! It’s chilly here in New York City, the tree is up in Rockefeller Center, and there’s holiday music being played by department stores and street performers alike. This week, the holiday preparations began in earnest all over DailyINK. Hanukkah begins tomorrow night, and we wish a very happy one to all those of [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: MR. ABERNATHY

In 1957, King Features launched a funny strip about a lovable millionaire who acted like a carefree boy in a man’s body — sort of an American equivalent of THE LITTLE KING, though this time a confirmed bachelor. The strip was MR. ABERNATHY by Ralston Jones and Frank Ridgeway, which premiered on 14 October 1957. A Sunday strip was later [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: Thanksgiving With Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead

Today, we show a scene from the first year of the Bumsteads’ married life in “BLONDIE,” specifically their honeymoon Thanksgiving in 1933. Reader Email To Tom Ferreira: “RIBBONS AND HAYWIRE” was perhaps too simple, the gags were mainly of the precocious statements/ambitions genre that are usually the staple of kids in strips. I don’t know [...] Keep Reading

Ask the Archivist: Going Haywire

Thirty years ago, a little strip by Steve Carpenter and Ed Wallerstien appeared in the King Features’ talent stable about an adorable Yuppy puppy named “RIBBONS.” Ribbons was a real Material Girl/Valley Girl/Cyndi Lauper type. Self-centered and obsessed with the good life, canine style. She was an avid fan of ”Dynasty,” had bejeweled flea collars, and [...] Keep Reading

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