Feature Spotlight: Zippy The Pinhead

Category: Comics

The first time I saw Zippy the Pinhead, I was a college student, and my wise-to-the-world-of-underground-comics friend was introducing me to the iconic pinhead in his unmistakeable polka-dotted coat.

Bill Griffith has been bringing Zippy's brand of absurdity to the masses since 1970, and there is often nothing better for restoring faith in the nonsense that is this world than taking a moment to read today's Zippy cartoon. Keep Reading

Feature Spotlight: Sherman's Lagoon

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Sherman's Lagoon, by Jim Toomey.

When you picture a shark, it probably doesn't look like Sherman. Lazy, hapless, slow, and somewhat anxious, Sherman has little in common with his quick, lithe nonfictional cousins apart from his massive appetite. But for some reason, we can't stop rooting for him when he's out hunting sunbathers.
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Feature Spotlight: Buckles

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Buckles by David Gilbert.

Buckles is the story of a sweet, playful, and sometimes anxious dog whose role in his family is more of "child" than dog. He's the furry charge of Paul and Jill, his "owners" who do their best to parent their pet.

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Feature Spotlight: Dustin

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Dustin, by Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker.

In the midst of the Great Recession, Steve and Jeff, two celebrated editorial cartoonists, wanted to explore more closely the way the economy was affecting American families. With more young adults moving back home after college, and more formerly full-time jobs moving to contract work, the "traditional" models for family and employment were changing, especially for millennials. But that story took more space to tell than a few editorial cartoons would permit.

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Feature Spotlight: Marvin

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Marvin, by Tom Armstrong.

Marvin focuses on the life of a red-headed toddler who thinks he's the center of the universe-- and why not? He's certainly the center of HIS universe. Marvin lives in a multi-generational family with his parents, Jeff and Jenny Miller, and grandparents, Roy and Bea. Keep Reading

Ask A Cartoonist: Spooky, Scary!

First off, we're sending our best wishes to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey, and to remind readers out there that there's still plenty of need for help-- please give to a relief organization of your choice, if you can!

Secondly, in the annals of "weird holidays you didn't know existed," today is FRANKENSTEIN DAY. Even funny people are afraid of things, and this week, I asked our cartoonists to talk about fear: the things they're afraid of, and the scary stuff they love the most. Here are their answers:

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Feature Spotlight: Mary Worth

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Mary Worth, by Karen Moy and June Brigman.

Mary Worth is a series of stories about the various characters who pass through the life of one woman, the title character, a retired lady who lives in the Charterstone Condominium Complex of Santa Royale. She has a propensity-- and some might say, a talent-- for attracting folks with all kinds of problems, and she's never without some pearls of wisdom for the people she meets along her way. Keep Reading

Feature Spotlight: On The Fastrack

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading "On The Fastrack," an entertaining and endearing look at office life by Bill Holbrook.

On The Fastrack was first launched in 1984, after Bill spent several years working as an editorial staff artist for the Atlanta Constitution. While On The Fastrack may be over 30 years old, Bill's ease with technology and love of learning new things means that it continues to be one of the most up-to-date perspectives on the tech workplace around. Keep Reading

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