Feature Spotlight: Mary Worth

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Mary Worth, by Karen Moy and June Brigman.

Mary Worth is a series of stories about the various characters who pass through the life of one woman, the title character, a retired lady who lives in the Charterstone Condominium Complex of Santa Royale. She has a propensity-- and some might say, a talent-- for attracting folks with all kinds of problems, and she's never without some pearls of wisdom for the people she meets along her way. Keep Reading

Feature Spotlight: On The Fastrack

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading "On The Fastrack," an entertaining and endearing look at office life by Bill Holbrook.

On The Fastrack was first launched in 1984, after Bill spent several years working as an editorial staff artist for the Atlanta Constitution. While On The Fastrack may be over 30 years old, Bill's ease with technology and love of learning new things means that it continues to be one of the most up-to-date perspectives on the tech workplace around. Keep Reading

Feature Spotlight: Hi & Lois

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Hi & Lois, the classic family comic strip by Brian Walker, Greg Walker, and Chance Browne.

In 1954, fresh off his success with "Beetle Bailey," Mort Walker partnered with celebrated illustrator and cartoonist Dik Browne to bring Beetle's sister, Lois Flagston, and her family, to life.

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Feature Spotlight: Intelligent Life

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading Intelligent Life, by David Reddick!

David, a lifelong, self-proclaimed geek of the highest order, was already a successful cartoonist *and* professional nerd when he signed on with King Features to create Intelligent Life-- a comic strip that is a warm, affectionate look at geek life written by someone who understands what it means to be a nerd and to wear that badge with pride. Keep Reading

Feature Spotlight: The Lockhorns

Category: Comics

This week, we're reading The Lockhorns, by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner.

The Lockhorns is a single-panel comic featuring the foibles of middle-aged married couple Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn. The Lockhorns are both hopelessly mediocre-- Leroy is lagging behind at work, flirts with younger women who are out of his league, and dozes in front of the television while avoiding as many chores as possible. Loretta is a housewife who can't cook, overspends, and gossips. They're both a little shorter, a little slobbier, and a little less attractive than any of their friends or neighbors. What they *are,* though, is sharp-witted, and The Lockhorns match each other verbally tit-for-tat.

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