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New Vintage Feature: Funky Winkerbean!

Today, in 2018, students are walking out of schools all over the country, and debates are raging over young people's voices in politics.  Forty-six years ago this month, Tom Batiuk launched a comic strip that would go on to become an intergenerational story about the community that grows up around a high school, and looking back to those early years is like being able to travel back in time to learn how students then were just as concerned with the politics of the day. We're so excited to share Funky Winkerbean, from its beginning, with you in the Comics Kingdom vintage section.

If you read Funky Winkerbean today, you may wonder what the adult cast was like when they were kids-- and here, you can see their origins as young people with many of the same hopes, dreams, and fears as young people now.  


Tackling issues from race and women's rights to sex ed in schools, Batiuk's teens of 1972 could be talking about the same problems teens talk about today, and reading his masterful view of the high school experience is a reminder that generation gaps aren't as wide as they seem.


 Join Funky, Les, Roland, Lavinia, and all the other kids of Westview High from the beginning starting today in the Comics Kingdom Vintage section. 

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