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News Around the Kingdom: A FEAST FOR THE EARS AND EYES

Hear ye, hear ye, Royal Readers! We bring thee proclamations from the Kingdom!


Michel Martin of NPR's All Things Considered recently spoke with syndicated comic strip authors Francesco Marciuliano of JUDGE PARKER and Hector Cantu of BALDO to discuss how current events are more relevant than ever on the comics page. Don't miss it!

Also check out this great interview with Hilary Price and Rina Piccolo of RHYMES WITH ORANGE in which they talk about inspiration, collaboration and the universality of a great gag.


Dethany takes time out from her FASTRACK duties to talk siblings, parents, children and ravens in this month's family-themed Dethany's Mailbox video, now live on YouTube!

Dan Piraro and Wayno do a double take on the week's BIZARRO strips, now with extra Frankenstein's monster and a brand-new NASA conspiracy theory. The truth is out there, and it has a mustache.

And coming soon: Patrick McDonnell of MUTTS will be giving a gallery talk at the Arts Council of Princeton, NJ, on Saturday, February 3. Click here to register for this FREE event! 

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend, all!


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