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Feature Spotlight: Blondie

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This week, we're reading Blondie, by Dean Young and John Marshall

Not many people know the not-so-humble origins of Blondie, a bold young flapper who fell in love with billionaire heir and playboy Dagwood Bumstead in the comic strip originated by Dean's father, Chic Young. When the two got married in 1933, Dagwood's father disowned his son and left them to their own devices.

In the modern era, Blondie is ever the forward-thinking woman of her youth, and while her wild flapper days are well behind her, she's an ambitious career woman who manages a thriving small business while raising two teenaged children.

Her husband, Dagwood, on the other hand...well, while it's easy to say someone isn't as ambitious as Blondie, that wouldn't be giving Dagwood his due credit. Dagwood's main ambitions appear to be setting the world record for napping, and managing not to get fired on a daily basis.

Though the strip may be named for Blondie, much of the day-to-day laughs come at the expense of poor Dagwood, who always seems to be a little bit behind the curve. Nonetheless, he's optimistic about life, and nothing gets him down for too long.

Their kids, Alexander and Cookie, are both just as high-achieving as their mom-- top students and athletes at their high school. But, like any good kids, they can be a source of headaches for their parents.

Blondie and Dagwood take center stage as they navigate their way through marriage, work, and the foibles of every day life. Their good natures and love for each other and their family make them endure as the heart and soul of the funny pages.

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