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Feature Spotlight: Buckles

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This week, we're reading Buckles by David Gilbert.

Buckles is the story of a sweet, playful, and sometimes anxious dog whose role in his family is more of "child" than dog. He's the furry charge of Paul and Jill, his "owners" who do their best to parent their pet.



Buckles tries to be a good dog, but sometimes can't quite help but beg for treats, make messes, eat things he shouldn't, or bark too loudly. He's in a constant feud with the squirrels who try to take the seed out of the bird feeder.


Among Buckles' pals are his neighborhood bird friend, Arden, who is somewhat more worldly than Buckles-- or likes to think he is, at least. Arden is a bit of a cynic to balance Buckles' optimism, but the two are good friends.


And we can't forget Flea, Buckles', er, ah, "boarder," for want of a better word, a tiny insect who dishes out wisdom to his dog, er, "landlord."


 Buckles is charming and whimsical and we love reading about his adventures around the house and in his neighborhood.


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