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Feature Spotlight: On The Fastrack

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This week, we're reading "On The Fastrack," an entertaining and endearing look at office life by Bill Holbrook.


On The Fastrack was first launched in 1984, after Bill spent several years working as an editorial staff artist for the Atlanta Constitution. While On The Fastrack may be over 30 years old, Bill's ease with technology and love of learning new things means that it continues to be one of the most up-to-date perspectives on the tech workplace around.


The comic revolves around the employees of Fastrack, Inc., a business run by Rose Trellis, a draconian CEO who rules with an iron fist and a good dose of the kind of ruthless lunacy it takes to manage a company. In the early days, much of the focus was on Wendy and Art Welding, a married couple who both have the questionable luck to work for Ms. Trellis. Art works in the IT department, and well out of the way of Hurricane Trellis, while Wendy has a front row center seat to all of the action, as Rose's executive admin.

But in recent years,fan favorite Dethany Dendrobia has become a main focus of the action at Fastrack Inc.


Dethany is a woman in her 20s who was hired to be Wendy's assistant as Wendy took on more responsibilities at the company. She's bright, cheerful, optimistic and a go-getter, but also has a rather "unconventional" office look: Dethany unapologetically comes to work each and every day in goth gear, and proves the adage that people who are allowed to be themselves at work are the most productive employees.


On The Fastrack has a huge cast, including sourpuss Fi, nerdy Bud (who is married to the boss' daughter!), Dethany's faithful pet raven, Lenore, and more-- and each character is as lovable as the next.


Bill is a geek of the highest order, and all of his characters are geeky in their own little ways, too. While On The Fastrack has jokes that will appeal to any tech geek, there are shoutouts to comics and pop culture fans, gamers, and pretty much every hardcore hobbyist around. And if you're not a nerd, you're likely to get a laugh at the intense and relatable workplace humor.




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